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Healthcare is local...provided in your community, your region, your “world”. And it’s a competitive world requiring an understanding of the landscape. Where are your patients coming from? How will demographic changes affect the services you provide? Where should you build that next outpatient center? Our easy-to-use IntelliClient™ application helps you answer those questions and more.

Intellimed helps you understand your market position compared to your peers and how to improve it. Having this sole focus allows us to provide a deep analysis of your local market. Our robust information includes physician insights and the ability to present future trends. Advanced education offerings make the information understandable for all levels of an organization. Our professional services provide solutions beyond the data alone.

Some of the many areas we provide insight to include:
+ Patient origin
+ MOB/clinic site selection
+ Market position, shifts and share by service line
+ Physician retention, needs assessment, splitters
+ Forward demand trending up to 5 years
+ Competitive assessments
+ Opportunity analysis
+ Business plan development

We’re celebrating 30 years of experience in providing statistically validated, high-quality, severity-adjusted healthcare data to guide your strategic planning and marketing decisions. Let us put that experience to work for you.

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