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Annie Dickman Joins Intellimed Team as Marketing Manager

Intellimed, a Phoenix healthcare data analytics company, welcomes Annie Dickman to its team as Marketing Manager. In her new role, Dickman will lead Intellimed’s marketing efforts and will focus on expanding the company’s role as an industry leader.

“Intellimed is unmatched in giving clients the information they need to make critical healthcare decisions,” Dickman said. “I’m excited to join the team and support Intellimed’s growth.”

Prior to joining Intellimed, Dickman worked as a Marketing Specialist for Western Alliance Bank where she led the creation of printed collateral, produced the internal company newsletter and supported multiple national business lines. She has also worked extensively in the news media in a variety of positions including investigative reporting, newspaper design and page editing. Dickman holds a degree in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Arizona.

Dickman has moved all around the U.S., but primarily grew up in Northern California. She still loves to travel, but now lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her fiancé and two cats. In her free time Dickman loves to try new hobbies, but her mainstays are reading, writing and obstacle course racing. Her list of hobbies to try include stained glass making, carpentry and calligraphy.

About Intellimed:

Since 1983, Intellimed has been at the forefront of healthcare analytics, providing services and solutions that give healthcare providers the tools they need to make data-driven decisions. Led by a team with decades of experience in healthcare management, data analysis and market research, Intellimed offers clients actionable intelligence and unparalleled support. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Intellimed serves leading healthcare companies across the U.S., including hospitals, healthcare providers, payors and more. To learn more, visit us at Intellimed.com or call us at (888) 214-1415.

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