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Current Physician Identified Medicare Inpatient and Outpatient Data Now Available from INTELLIMED

Quarterly updated Medicare outpatient and inpatient data with physician names is now available. Over 44 million new quarterly Medicare claims are available every quarter for immediate analysis.

PHOENIX, February 28, 2017 — Intellimed is pleased to announce the availability of current quarterly Medicare Inpatient and Outpatient data including attending and operating physicians associated with each case. The data is updated every quarter and is at most 90 days old.

“Medicare represents such a large portion of all claims activity”, said Bill Goodwin, CEO of Intellimed.  “With the addition of current Medicare data, we can give clients an excellent view into both inpatient and outpatient activity that is happening right now in their markets. And given the fact that most states do not have state or hospital association provided outpatient market data, this data gives them a great window into market behavior and competitive trends.”

Intellimed has over 170 million annual Medicare claims for inpatient and outpatient activity for each year since 2008, and each quarterly updated is approximately 44 million in new claims.

Intellimed has mapped the NPIs, the historical Medicare discharges to physician activities that can be tracked over time to see changes in practice patterns, outcomes and organizational allegiances. The mapping was completed for all patients from 2008 through 2016 and with detailed record level viewing. “This is a big step forward in helping healthcare organizations more effectively plan and favorably impact their respective markets,” commented Gene Koch, COO of Intellimed.

This dataset will be especially useful for organizations that operate in states with no or restricted access to physician data, and in states where the current provided data is rather old when they receive it. All Medicare data will continue to be severity adjusted by the MS-DRG and 3M APR-DRG groupers.

For information about pricing and availability, please contact Intellimed: 888-214-1415.

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