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Claims Data Solutions


IntelliMarket™ is a simplified reporting tool with detailed visual reporting and dashboards that draws from claims data.


IntelliMarket™ offers big picture insights and granular-level detail, allowing you to query billions of claims data for detailed visual reporting.


  • Choose from simple, pre-loaded reports on market trends, place of service, physician relationships and more to get started.
  • Combine any number of available data elements with our Ad-Hoc Reporting option.
  • Use our implied referral methodology to query data or create your own implied referral parameters.
  • Findings can be reported to Excel, CSV and PDF. Raw data exports are also available.
  • Connect IntelliMarket to Salesforce to manage your marketing and physician relations activity.


  • Select markets to expand in and uncover new growth opportunities based on physician and service line activity.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your market by uncovering demographic shifts, payor activity and more.
  • Complete detailed competitor analyses.
  • Review detailed information on a selected physician, including payors and referral patterns.
  • Develop your physician recruiting strategy with explicit and implicit referrals.
  • Craft strategies to influence splitter behavior.

Our Data

IntelliMarket™ combines claims data and more to bring you a comprehensive view of the market. IntelliMarket™ utilizes the following fields from Health Insurance Claims forms:

  • Payer
  • Patient Origin
  • Patient Age and Gender
  • Referring Provider
  • Diagnoses
  • Place of service
  • Procedures
  • Rendering Provider

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