IntelliMarket™ - A Comprehensive Big Data Solution

Does Your Data Do What You Need?

IntelliMarket™ is our newest and most comprehensive offering designed to meet your toughest data needs. It provides insights and granular-level detail into billions of claims nationally and tens to hundreds of millions of claims locally that you won’t find in any other claims data product currently on the market.

Merging the physician pattern analytics of our original PPI product with a big data solution, IntelliMarket™ quickly queries millions of claims records for fast, detailed and visual reporting.

Key Benefits for Business Strategy:

  • Comprehensive big data solution
  • Unparalleled data insights
  • Granular-level detail not found in any other claims data product
  • Fast, detailed and visual reporting
  • Detailed ad hoc capabilities
  • One-click reporting

Data to Meet Diverse Users

IntelliMarket™ is designed to meet the needs of a variety of users:

  • Senior-Level Data Analyst
  • Mid-Level Data Analyst
  • Marketing / Business Development
  • C-Suite

Human-Powered Customer Support

We believe that high-quality and well-managed data needs real people behind it.  Our customer support is:

  • Solution-oriented to solve your data needs and challenges
  • Responsive and timely to get you accurate data quickly
  • Focused on delivering the best-mapped and managed claims data

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Granular Data Detail for Decision Making

  • Query at the most granular diagnostic and procedure code level
  • Gain specific detail into diagnosis, procedure, place of service and demographic data
  • Data captured across all age groups, gender and ethnicities
  • Filterable reports to answer the most common questions, use cases and scenarios
  • At-a-glance geographical representations and charts for quick analysis
  • Go beyond payor financial class to analyze payor trends by plan type and individual payer
  • See explicit physician referrals or create your own implicit referral methodology
  • Leverage one of the many pre-defined reporting modules, each with a collection of reports where the user can define their search criteria

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