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Intellimed Now Offering Hawaiian Physician Data

By Kim Carlson
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Physician referral data gives healthcare organizations the information they need to fully understand their market. Intellimed, a healthcare data analytics company, is excited to be the first to offer this vital data to Hawaiian healthcare organizations.

In the past, there hasn’t been visibility into outmigration data from Hawaii into the mainland, making it difficult to quantify how much it harms local providers. This data will help shed light onto patients leaving Hawaii and what services they are leaving for, allowing local organizations to better meet the needs of their community.

With Intellimed’s intuitive, cutting-edge products IntelliClient™ and IntelliMarket™ providers can form detailed profiles on physicians and see their trends, contact information, places of service, billing entities, market share and more. With demand for physicians on the rise, this will help providers sharpen their physician relationship management and physician recruiting strategies.

Additionally, organizations can gain insight into referral patterns and splitter behavior by service line, allowing them to map referral networks with explicit and implicit referrals. Understanding referral networks will allow hospitals and providers to meet their strategic goals and diminish referral leakage.

Get insight into Hawaiian physician data today with Intellimed by contacting me at 602-889-7546 or by email at kcarlson@intellimed.com.

Kim Carlson is the Regional Vice President of Business Development at Intellimed.


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