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Physician Pattern Insight (PPITM ) will allow hospitals and other healthcare organizations to understand and favorably impact physician referral activity.

PHOENIX, Dec 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Intellimed is pleased to announce the availability of its new claims-based analytic physician referral product; Physician Pattern Insight PPI™. Utilizing the most complete claims universe available along with its expertise in healthcare analytics, Intellimed has created a solution that is able to provide exceptional insights into the referral patterns of every type of physician. “We are excited to offer a solution that is directly focused on this specific need of healthcare organizations operating in today’s extremely competitive and constantly evolving marketplace,” said Bill Goodwin, CEO of Intellimed. “We have the best and most complete claims database along with specific logic we created to ensure accurate insights into physician referral patterns in defined markets.”

PPI™ allows organizations to look at physician referral patterns at the service line and sub-service line levels, and do so from multiple vantage points. Additionally, it allows decision makers to delve deep into both direct and indirect referral patterns to ensure an accurate understanding of physician referral behaviors. “We made a point to ensure our tool has the flexibility to support healthcare organizations’ referral pattern analytical needs” commented Gene Koch, COO of Intellimed. “Healthcare organizations need to be able to understand and take action from these referral insights knowing they are accurate, detailed and timely.., and they need the data to be constantly updated. We provide that solution.”

This software program will be especially useful for organizations that are looking to understand and impact physician referral behaviors. Hospitals, Long-term Acute Care organizations, Hospice, and other healthcare enterprises will be able to favorably impact business to their organization by accurately understanding what is occurring with their physicians, with other physicians in the marketplace, and doing it by service line, by location and more. Additionally, since the data is refreshed frequently, they can assess the impact of their physician relationship efforts.

For information about pricing and availability, please contact Intellimed: 888-214-1415

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