OUR ADVANTAGE: Clinical Data Analysis, Healthcare Analytics Business Intelligence and Hospital Benchmarks

For more than 37 years, Intellimed has been at the forefront of  clinical data analysis, healthcare analytics business intelligence and hospital benchmarks.

• Expertise in patient and physician behavior, evaluating healthcare markets, data for hospital benchmarks and analyzing and predicting trends

• Stable, secure and robust data sets for clinical data analysis that are frequently cleaned and updated, so you have the most current, accurate information in the industry

• The industry’s most comprehensive, highest-quality and best mapped data for healthcare analytics business intelligence

• An intuitive; easy-to-use platform to delve into data aggregations and identify granular level attributes

• Accurate, actionable insights you can use to make informed decisions about your business

• Snapshots, benchmarks, indices, forecasting and trend comparisons provided for a near infinite selection and groupings of data

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