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Our data pairs with our powerful visualization tools to provide you with the competitive intelligence you crave, from competitor profiles to market share analyses. With our expansive data, solution integration options, and versatile applications, we give you an edge on the competition.

 Our approach

  • We provide insurance company data, including private insurers.
  • Options to include state inpatient, outpatient, demographic data and more in personalized solutions. Inpatient and outpatient care point information also available.
  • Critical Place of Service data that helps you analyze healthcare relationships.
  • Detailed data queries that drill down into diagnosis levels by CPT, Service Line, Group Practice, and Provider
  • Customizable visual reporting and standard complementary reports.
Teamwork and Storyboarding

Our Solutions

Our customizable suite of solutions allows you to view all of your data in one place.



IntelliClient™ is an easy-to-use analytics tool comprised of state and national datasets that is designed to provide you a clear picture of your market.

  • Track and respond to member demographic shifts
  • Plan for the future current, historic and projected future market share case volumes.
  • Monitor the usage and performance of competing facilities in your network
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Boost member knowledge and targeting with patient origin and admission source data.
Stop Flying Blind

IntelliClient™ Vue

IntelliClient™ Vue is a simplified reporting tool with detailed visual reporting and dashboards.

  • Visualize demographics and migration over time
  • Track market share and case mix member patterns of service by group practice and operating rendering
  • Monitor the usage of different facilities
  • Easily forecast future growth by demographic, service line and payor types
Analyses on Demand


IntelliMarket™ offers big picture insights and granular-level detail, allowing you to query billions of claims data for fast, detailed and visual reporting.

  • Observe members move between different types of coverage and care sites
  • Gather detailed encounter-based information on health status and service utilization
  • Analyze claims for commercially insured, government, and private members and trends by plan type
  • View comprehensive member spend for specific diagnoses, or aggregated product lines
  • Gain valuable insights into relationships between members, providers, health systems, and health plans
IntelliMarket™ Vue Computer

IntelliMarket™ Vue

IntelliMarket™ Vue is a simplified reporting tool that allows you to understand in-depth procedure and diagnosis data.

  • Easy-to-use, customizable interface.
  • Integrate and easily visualize your data.
  • Craft compelling presentations for your leadership team.
  • Identify opportunities and track the success of your goals and strategies.
  • Track market demographic shifts and visualize patient migration.
  • Quickly identify procedure and service line volumes.
  • Track emergent and chronic diseases

Strategic Consulting

Our experienced strategists and analysts provide data revelations for healthcare, payor and other organizations and help turn those insights into action. Services include:

  • Customized reports
  • Data integration into your Business Intelligence tools
  • Personalized Data Visualizations
  • Detailed Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Demographic Shift, Market Trend Analysis and Strategizing
  • Strategic presentations for your leadership team

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