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Get the data you need to understand your patients, provider relationships and market to strengthen your strategic position and identify opportunities for growth.




Make Data-Driven Decisions

Position your practice for success

Leverage healthcare data to drive strategic decision-making.

Grow your Practice

Identify your strategic advantages to seize development opportunities. Quickly spot opportunities to add services, expand to new locations and grow your patient base.

Track Referrals

See where other physicians in your market are sending patients and identify opportunities to capture additional referrals. Quantify the value of the referrals you provide to your partners.

Strengthen Partnerships and Affiliations

Hold meaningful conversations with payors, hospital leadership, and other physicians. Clearly articulate your value, deepen current relationships and negotiate from a place of strength.

Explore your Competitive Landscape

Understand your current position relative to other providers in your service area. Identify areas where you excel to effectively allocate resources to stay competitive.

Support your physician practice with healthcare data.

Assess Physician Needs

Determine current and future demand for physicians by specialty and geography. Identify physicians that are a good fit for your practice with case mix, volume, & outcome data.

Prepare for Industry Changes

Understand how  technology changes, payment reform, government mandates and the shift to value-based care will impact your patients and your practice.

See what our Clients have to say

Get the data you need to make informed decisions.
5 Stars

“The accuracy of the physician data is extremely important to us for physician relations and performance improvement. We were recently asked by our corporate office to switch to another vendor. We compared the two data sets to the internal data we had submitted to the State health Department and Intellimed matched perfectly. The other data set offered would have caused us to reach some wrong conclusions during our market assessment.”

— Corporate Strategic Planner, Regional Office

5 Stars

“Intellimed’s physician-based reports are extremely helpful when working to recruit new providers.”

— Staff Manager at an Acute-Care Hospital

Our Data & Solutions

Get access to the data you’ve been missing. Understand your value in comparison with other practices to boost referrals, strengthen affiliations, and find additional growth opportunities in your market.

Discharge Data Solutions


Use inpatient and outpatient data to complete market analyses, track referrals, analyze performance & more.

IntelliClient™ Vue

A companion application to IntelliClient, Vue provides visual insights with the click of your mouse.

Claims Data Solutions


Leverage ad-hoc queries to query billions of claims. Get visual insights into procedures, diagnoses & more.

IntelliMarket™ Vue

Get comprehensive insights into procedures and diagnoses with this companion application to IntelliMarket.

Forecasting Tools

Visualize current and future demand by service line and zip code. Map chronic and emergent disease prevalence.

Strategic Consulting

Turn insights into action with our experienced strategists and analysts. Get custom solutions and reports today.

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