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Post-Acute Care


Demonstrate your value with data-backed statistics, develop your relationships with other providers and navigate the changing healthcare market with intuitive data solutions.


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Get the Insights you Need

See Across the Care Continuum

Leverage data to understand your relative market position and see patient volumes by acute and post-acute facility.

Expedite Care and Minimize Costs

Get patients the right care at the right time to improve outcomes and reduce costs with ‘avoidable bed days’ calculations.

Select the Right Partners

Select facilities to partner and coordinate with based on transfer volumes and patient outcome data.

Boost Referral Volumes

Get visibility into referrals and identify new referral sources to nurture and grow your market share.

Post-acute care is vital to the healthcare continuum.

Track Transfers

Visualize transfer volumes between facilities, identify existing relationships and determine transfer efficiency.

Post-Acute care is vital to a holistic healthcare system.

Our Data & Solutions

Demonstrate the value of post-acute care with cutting-edge data analytics tools that help you navigate the changing healthcare market.

Discharge Data Solutions


Use inpatient and outpatient data to complete market analyses, track referrals, analyze performance & more.

IntelliClient™ Vue

A companion application to IntelliClient, Vue provides visual insights with the click of your mouse.

Claims Data Solutions


Leverage ad-hoc queries to query billions of claims. Get visual insights into procedures, diagnoses & more.

IntelliMarket™ Vue

Get comprehensive insights into procedures and diagnoses with this companion application to IntelliMarket.

Forecasting Tools

Visualize current and future demand by service line and zip code. Map chronic and emergent disease prevalence.

Strategic Consulting

Turn insights into action with our experienced strategists and analysts. Get custom solutions and reports today.

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