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Healthcare Information Technology

User Experience (UX) & Customer Experience (CX) 

We all know how important the user experience (UX) is in designing and evolving a healthcare information technology solution.

We know that it’s important to design health IT solutions that are easy and intuitive to navigate and provide users with the information they seek.

Of course, as a healthcare data analytics technology company, we certainly appreciate and are mindful of the user experience when designing new products and evolving our existing solutions. But what about the human side of the user experience – the customer experience (CX)? In today’s uber-techie world, many companies are foregoing high-touch CX experiences in favor of email support, live chat and other technology-enabled support. And, for some products, that works just fine.

But for an industry like ours where we are serving healthcare analysts up to the C-suite within healthcare systems who rely on our data for business decisions with multi-million-dollar impact, support can’t end at UX. UX must be tied to meaningful customer experience (CX) to create a red carpet customer service approach.

Defining User Experience (UX)

UX is the customer’s experience with the technology, in our case our claims data analytics solution. UX is centered solely around the solution’s usability, structure, navigation and ease-of-use – all highly important. The ultimate goal of UX boils down to designing a product that efficiently and enjoyably meets the user’s needs.

Defining Customer Experience (CX)

Whereas UX is confined to the user’s experience within the technology, CX is broader in scope to include the customer’s experience with all aspects of the company, including:

  • Customer service
  • The sales process
  • Pricing
  • Branding and marketing
  • Company operations
  • Product delivery and updates

UX + CX = The Ultimate User Experience

Before the fancy UX and CX acronyms for user and customer experience came around, at Intellimed – for 35+ years – we have been rooted in two things:

  • Providing the best-managed and most insightful claims data in the industry
  • Offering a high touch solution-focused customer service experience

So, CX has long been part of our DNA. With our newest product IntelliMarket™, we are adding additional emphasis on UX with the goal of providing a customer experience that merges the best of both user and customer experience.

Here are some ways we have and will continue to support the full user experience:

  • Multiple points of contact:Our clients have access to not just their designated account representative, but to multiple points of contact within our company, including developers; data specialists; sales and operations; as well as our management team.Two of our company’s core values are to be relationship-focusedand responsive. To that end, we work hard to make it as easy as possible for our customers to reach who they need to reach for what they need when they need to – they do not need to go through layers of support wasting their time and energy.
  • Client-focused mindset:We are always asking the question “How can we make our clients’ jobs easier?” Being a data analyst within a hospital system comes with stress and pressure. From managers up to the C-suite, people are relying on the data teams to deliver insights from our solutions to inform strategic business decisions. We strive to stay in touch our analysts and ask questions to understand their pain points. We know first-hand that data teams have slept overnight at their jobs and worked long weekends to meet data deadlines for critical reporting. When we receive an SOS from an analyst, we take it seriously and collaborate until the problem is resolved or the necessary information is in-hand – hopefully avoiding as many long nights and weekends at the office, as possible.

Collaborative Product Development:

IntelliMarket™ was developed in collaboration with our customers, who helped create the use cases, test the product and provide critical feedback. As we iterate IntelliMarket™ as well as our original IntelliClient™  solutions, we will continue to seek our customer’s critical input along the way.

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