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Stop relying on guesswork and anecdotal experience and leverage detailed healthcare data with Intellimed’s easy-to-use analytics tools.

Our Data

Reliable healthcare data is the first step to finding the opportunities you’re missing out on. Get real, data-backed analyses that support your decision-making process and guide your path to success.

Support Planning with Data Analytics
  • State Inpatient Discharge Data
  • State Outpatient Discharge Data
  • National Medicare Inpatient Data
  • National Medicare Outpatient Data
  • ASC & Other Ambulatory Data
  • All-Payor Claims Data
  • Emergency Department Data
  • Physician Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Long-Term Acute Care Data
  • Referral Data
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Data
  • Home Health Data
  • Hospice Data
  • Rehab Data

*Data available varies by state, please inquire for our exact capabilities.

Intelligent Solutions

Data In Action

Meet Demand for Care

Prepare for tomorrow today with forecasting tools that help you understand underlying demand. Invest in new locations, expand services and hire the right physicians to improve access to care.

Keep an eye on the Competition

Know where you stand in your healthcare market. Identify where you have a competitive advantage and leverage your existing resources for success.

Stop Referral Leakage

Identify physicians referring care out of your network to determine the real cost of referral leakage and minimize its impact on your bottom line.

See Across the Care Continuum

Get a snapshot of your market with datasets that give you visibility across the care continuum. Understand referral networks, map transfers from acute to post-acute care and more.

Reduce Outmigration

Leverage data to track why patients leave your facility for care and where they’re traveling to. Identify services to invest in and understand the impact of outmigration in your community.

Assess Physician Needs

Leverage demand forecasting, referral data and physician need assessments to identify physicians that would be the best fit for your facility and your community.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Get patients the care they need at the right time. Identify patients who need care to improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare utilization and reduce costs.

Enhance your Quality of Care

Support your transition to value-based care with quality metrics. Reduce Hospital Acquired Conditions, see how social determinates of health impact care, and improve outcomes.

Save time, effort & resources with our dedicated team.

Avoid pricey server upkeep costs, time-intensive data processing and get additional comparative data elements like 5-Digit Zip Code and Group Practice information with our detailed analytics tools.

    • Benefit from quick processing times without the cost
    • Reduce time spent on data processing and research to free up your staff to pursue other goals
    • Supplement your team with our dedicated software development, data procurement and research teams
    • Stay up-to-date with custom dashboards that automatically refresh as new data becomes available
Healthcare Database


Get the Insights you Need

Form Data Connections

Form Data Connections

Get everyone on the same page with reliable tools. Easily share reports across departments to communicate your findings more effectively.

Analyses on Demand

Analyses on Demand

Stop jumping through hoops to get the insights you need. Quickly generate reports, export data and get insights that make a difference.

Tools that Fit you Needs

Tools that Fit Your Needs

Get empowered to craft custom reports, share custom groups and incorporate your own data to get detailed insights into your market.

Computer Megaboard

Data Fundamentals

Understand the nuances, benefits & limitations of different healthcare datasets to effectively utilize the tools and information you have.

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