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IntelliMarket™ Vue

Our Solutions

IntelliMarket™ Vue

A simplified reporting tool with detailed dashboards designed to give you visual insights into procedures and diagnoses.

IntelliMarket™ Vue

IntelliMarket™ Vue is a simplified reporting tool with detailed visual reporting and dashboards.


  • Easy-to-use, customizable interface.
  • Integrate and visualize your own data.
  • Craft compelling presentations for your leadership team.
  • Use anywhere, anytime with options that do not require an internet connection.
  • Dashboards are automatically refreshed with new data as it becomes available.


  • Identify opportunities and track the success of your goals and strategies.
  • Understand, forecast and respond to demographic shifts.
  • Track market demographic shifts and visualize patient migration.
  • Identify splitters and referral relationships.
  • Show and understand utilization, including outliers.

Our Data

IntelliMarket™ Vue pulls from multiple data sources to give you the most comprehensive view of your organization and the market as possible.

  • Claims Data
  • State Inpatient Data
  • Outpatient Data
  • State Emergency Department Discharge Data
  • National Medicare Inpatient Data
  • National Medicare Outpatient Data



IntelliMarket™ Vue Add-Ons

IntelliMarket Vue Chronic Conditions Forecast

  • Model populations by age group, gender & payor group
  • Get projections and prevalence rates by disease category and subcategory
  • Forecast current and five-year growth rates at the zip code level with detailed mapping capabilities
  • Evaluate future demand for services
  • Understand emerging and chronic conditions that may impact your current and future community need
  • Identify regions, demographics, & payor groups that have a higher prevalence of conditions

IntelliMarket Vue Discharge Forecast Inpatient & Ambulatory

  • Model encounter growth for combined inpatient and outpatient services
  • Visualize current-year and projected five- year demand by service line and MS-DRG at the zip code level with detailed mapping capabilities
  • Get insight into states where discharge data isn’t available or doesn’t exist
  • Assess future demand for services and take into account regional and national trends
  • Plan service line growth and visualize shifts from inpatient to outpatient

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