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Our data

Having an end-to-end healthcare data solution is a necessity in today’s competitive landscape. Experience why hospitals, health systems and payors have trusted Intellimed to deliver the best healthcare data intelligence solutions on the market since 1983. 

    Data Types We Provide*

    • State Inpatient Data
    • State Outpatient Data
    • Demographic Data
    • National Medicare Inpatient Data
    • National Medicare Outpatient Data
    • Claims Data
    • Emergency Department Data
    • Physician Data
    • Skilled Nursing Facilities Data
    • Hospice Data
    • Home Health Data
    • Rehabilitation Data
    *Data available varies by state, please inquire for our exact capabilities. 

    Our Data is

    • Transparent
    • Free of allocations and misrepresentations
    • Easily exportable
    • Quick and simple to map
    • Easy to integrate into other business intelligence tools
    • Simple to use
    • De-identified and rigorously validated

    Use our Data to Plan & Develop

    • New facilities
    • Service line expansions
    • Physician network development
    • Physician strategy and retention
    • Payor relations and negotiations
    • Patient/consumer marketing 
    • Population health initiatives
    • Achieving quality measures
    • Decision support services
    • Market share insights
    • Shifts to value-based care


    Our Services


    IntelliClient™ is an easy-to-use analytics tool comprised of state and national datasets that is designed to provide you a clear picture of the healthcare market.

    IntelliClient™ Vue

    IntelliClient™ Vue is a simplified reporting tool with detailed, customizable dashboards designed for you to easily draw insights to meet your organization’s needs.


    IntelliMarket™ offers big-picture insights and granular-level detail, allowing you to query billions of claims for fast, detailed reports.

    IntelliMarket™ Vue

    IntelliMarket™ Vue is a simplified reporting tool that allow you to understand in-depth procedure and diagnosis data.

    Strategic Consulting

    Our experienced strategists and analysts provide data revelations for healthcare organizations and help identify opportunities to turn those insights into action.

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