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Intellimed expands data capabilities

Intellimed, a Phoenix healthcare data analytics company, has expanded its data analytics support capabilities to six new states.



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Hospitals, health systems and payors in Kentucky, Delaware, West Virginia, North Carolina, Hawaii and Ohio can now gain detailed insights into their markets using claims data in Intellimed’s IntelliMarket™ solution.

IntelliMarket™ allows users to view and query billions of claims data for fast, detailed visual reporting. The application has pre-loaded reports to help you get started, and offers customizable Ad-Hoc reporting.

Use IntelliMarket™ to:

  • Query by 5-digit patient zip codes, diagnosis and procedure codes, place of service information, referrals, detailed payor data and more.
  • View market trends and discover opportunities in the marketplace. Gain insights on diagnoses and procedure trends, provider mixes, doctors and group practices.
  • Identify business you want to attract by payor type, and select markets to expand in based off payor activity.
  • Explore market movement based on place of service data, providing details of the top group practices, payors, procedures and doctors.
  • Assess physician referral networks, providing views from rendering and referring physicians, and gain insight into explicit and implied referrals. Block referral leakages and control splitter behavior.
  • Form profiles on physicians, including trends, their office, contact information, place(s) of service, billing entities, market share, referral information and more.
  • Analysts, business development teams and leadership teams use IntelliMarket™ to cut through the noise and answer strategic business questions with our fast, accurate and complete data. Intellimed processes over 3 billion claims annually, and prides itself on providing the most transparent and accessible data in the market.

“We built IntelliMarket™ to give complete data support – from data analysts to CEOs and from novices to experts,” said Robert Pickering, CEO of Intellimed. “It’s a ground-breaking tool that lets organizations focus on what matters most: their community.”

More than providing dissections of past performance, IntelliMarket™ also provides concrete data for future planning. Whether you are looking to open a new hospital or target new markets, Intellimed can help.

“We understand the issues facing healthcare today,” said Susan Longfield, VP of Growth Strategy and Development. “Our solutions allow healthcare providers and payors to better understand key elements of their markets to be able influence physician referral patterns, understand incidence of disease in a given geography, identify opportunities for growth and population health management and more.”

About Intellimed:

Since 1983, Intellimed has been at the forefront of healthcare analytics, providing services and solutions that give healthcare providers the tools they need to make data-driven decisions. Led by a team with decades of experience in healthcare management, data analysis and market research, Intellimed offers clients actionable intelligence and unparalleled support. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Intellimed serves leading healthcare companies across the U.S., including hospitals, healthcare providers, payors and more. To learn more, visit us at Intellimed.com or call us at (888) 214-1415.

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